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While you can use both, the word solved suggests a use of mathematical and analytical thinking. Fixed evokes a feeling of literally fixing a problem with your hands. You can use both, depending on the problem you dealt with. Conclusion Action words on your resume are key. Using powerful terms can immediately make the hiring manager imagine the tasks you performed. You should always steer clear from vague and less impactful words. As your resume should be one page long, action words will really help say a great deal in fewer characters. Keep the information clear and concise.

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Showing means that you solved a math problem on the board, then sat down and let the class deal by themselves. This is not what youre trying to say here. The second you part of the example contains the word praised, which shows that you rewarded and motivated students for their hard work. A teacher should not only be an informational figure but a great motivator as well. Technical #technical When applying for technical jobs, your resume has to reflect your capabilities and knowledge. Using action words is really important here. Have a look at these 30 examples of action words for the tech industry: activate construct deliberate enhance finalize overhaul assemble convert deliver enrich form program build customize detect excel install solve calculate debug endorse fabricate maintain update compute decipher engineer familiarize navigate upgrade Using. This is an example of using action words on a tech resume: Cleared system x of error and fixed Y problem Debugged system x and solved Y problem Debugged is a much more technically-sounding term than just cleared. This is what you should aim for - appropriate and precise action words. In the second part we say fixed vs solved Y problem.

Teaching and counseling #teaching-and-counseling When we speak about teaching, counseling and helping, we have to demonstrate a high level of emotional intelligence and understanding of people. These are very people-focused occupations, so we have to present ourselves as good listeners, communicators, and negotiators. Here are 30 successful action words to use on your resume: adapt assess cooperate elicit generate explain advise assign coordinate enable guide facilitate analyze categorize direct evaluate identify observe apply clarify educate explain implement praise appraise coach elaborate facilitate guide train book Action words like advise. Lets look at an example of using some of these words: Showed students how to do math and praised their hard work Trained students in math and praised their hard work saying that you trained students tells the hiring manager that you were engaged. A teacher is also a coach in a way, which means going through ups and downs with students without giving. When you say that you trained a student, you show that you did a great deal of practice, just as any coach and athlete would. It also entails explanation, clarification and correction along the way. If you say that you simply showed someone how to do something, this kills all engagement.

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Lets check out thesis two examples on a researchers resume. Looked at data from two studies and made sure that it matched Compared data from two studies and ascertained that it matched The first example is very clumsy. The overused term look at doesnt say much. Did you just look at the data? What was your marketing purpose? When you say compare, on the other hand, the recruiter knows that you not only saw the data, but evaluated it in order to draw a conclusion. Same goes for make sure vs ascertain. The latter is a much more concise way to express yourself. Convey your precision with action words on your resume.

Lets look at two examples of resume statements: Led new Boston project and managed a team of ten Spearheaded new Boston project and managed a team of ten Now, while the word lead also demonstrates your leadership and management abilities, its a jaded term. Everyone uses lead at some point on their resume. S pearhead, on the other hand, is fresh and has a nice powerful ring. Quantitative and Research #quantitative-and-research When talking about research and quantitative work, you have to use action words that convey precision. After all, the hiring manager has to know that you do your work carefully and pay great attention to detail. Use these 30 words that convey quantitative abilities: acquire boost conduct formulate innovate modify amplify calculate determine guarantee inspect organize analyze chart evaluate identify issue process ascertain collect examine index judge modify authorize compare extract infer justify study researchers often have to draw conclusions. This is when action words such as ascertained and determined come in handy.

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Using strong words here is necessary. After all, if you can't convey information about yourself right, how are you going to sell your brand? This guy, for example, really is selling himself short (the mustache is spot on, though Check out our 30 examples of action words for creative industries: compose direct find market plan shape conceive draft illustrate modernize redesign sketch create establish improvise originate remodel start design. The creative industry cares about imagination and problem-solving. When you use words like strategized, youre telling the recruiter that you took the time to mindfully think of a plan. If we take strategized redo as an example, it can improve a boring old statement like: Prepared a plan of action for marketing campaign Strategized and created a plan of action for marketing campaign Strategize can also be very helpful when you talk about teamwork,. This has the added bonus of suggesting that you are good at cooperation.

Management and leadership #management-and-leadership It is crucial to demonstrate your leadership skills to the recruiter. Companies dont like to micromanage, yet often have to, when there arent strong leaders to take charge. Management positions require a great deal of power. Make sure that your resume reflects it appropriately. Try using these 30 words on personal your resume: administer commit delegate execute prioritize review analyze comply determine formulate produce revitalize centralize conclude develop find propose schedule chair condense employ head recruit supervise change confirm evaluate oversee regulate spearhead One of my personal favorite words. Its a very visual action word. It demonstrates that you put a great deal of effort and took charge, getting ahead of the team.

Assessed the value of business plan x appraised business plan x using the action word appraise makes your description concise while keeping the same meaning. Communication #communication If you are applying for a job in communications, it is extremely important to use action words. Any good communicator should have a diverse and impactful vocabulary. After all, that is a large part of the job, and your resume should adequately reflect your skills. Here are 30 action words to use on your resume for a communication position: address develop influence market persuade recruit author direct inform mediate promote refer compose draft interpret moderate publicize report convince edit interview negotiate publish translate correspond formulate lecture network reconcile transform Lets. Because the word wrote is too common.

It gives the idea that you just put words to paper. "Compose on the other hand, suggests that you put much more thought into. As a composer would measure every beat and pay attention to detail, an author does not simply write, he composes. The word composed also suggests that you put care into formatting and other technical necessities that go with writing, not just putting words down. Simply replacing write with compose can have a much greater impact. Creative #creative resumes for creative industries such as writing, arts, advertising, and marketing, need to convey the thought process behind your actions.

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Extracted research information to create x file. See how the word extract immediately makes you imagine the process? Put together doesnt do it justice. It makes your job look too simple. The action word extracted, on the other hand, carries much more power. Analytical and Financial #analytical-and-financial Lets have a look at the best action words you can put on your resume while applying for an analytical job. Finance and analytical positions will require a vocabulary that suggests quantitative measures. Here are our 30 best examples: administer budget forecast purchase satisfy strengthen analyze calculate monitor raise scrutinize submit appraise control procure rate secure suggest resume audit develop project reconcile settle tailor balance estimate provide revive staff transfer While these words suggest analytical and quantitative actions, they. Lets look at an example of how you can use these words.

resume xpress

The recruiter should be able to immediately identify what you do, and the stronger words you use, the more visual this will become. We will have a look at eight different categories and give you 30 of the best words to use for each one. If you don't have a resume to work with yet, check out these successful resume templates. Administrative and Organizational Its super important to use action words on your resume if you are applying for an administrative job. Because the nature of this work falls into the less interesting category. Check out 30 action words to include: approve collect expedite inspect prepare reorganize arrange comply extract integrate prioritize retrieve catalogue distribute for generate monitor purchase streamline classify enlist identify operate process target collaborate execute implement organize record update take your pic or better yet, include. Lets take a look at a right and wrong example of conveying information on your resume. Put together research information to create x file.

day. They have neither the time nor the patience to read through the same page over and over again, just under a different name. Can we blame them? One great way to stand out from the competition is to use powerful action words on your resume. What's an "action word? an action word is any word that evokes an image of you doing something. It has to carry a degree of power and evoke a clear picture in your head. Theres nothing worse than using vague terms on your resume.

The recruiter knew it was a super basic job, but was impressed by my effectiveness. Yes, it is important what you say on your resume, but thats just 50 of the process. The other part of it is how you say. Using action resume words on your resume is key. In this guide, we will look at 200 examples of action words to use on your resume in order to best highlight your experience and stand out. How to use 200 powerful words on your resume. Ways to substitute boring old verbs for verbs of action. How to pick from 8 different categories of action words. Lets jump right into.

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Titul: soudce a jeho kat, podezření, slib. Autor: Dürrenmatt Friedrich, isbn/kód: 3171194, edice/oddělení: Antikvariát ostatní, vazba: pevná. Formát: počet stránek: 0, nakladatelství: Odeon, rok vydání: 1989, soudce a jeho kat / Podezření / Slib od Friedrich Dürrenmatt V tomto vydání vycházejí tři dürrenmattovy romány: soudce a jeho kat ( Der Richter und sein Henker podezření (Der Verdacht) a slib (Das Versprechen). Dürrenmatt ve všech třech románech výrazně překročil rámec detektivky a spíše se věnoval svým postavám, jejich motivům a filozofii jejich konání a nezapřel. Action words on your resume are vital. I duke once worked at a bagel shop in college. Instead of saying that i advertised our toasted bagels on campus, i wrote on my resume that I spearheaded a bagel marketing campaign.

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